When you have content marketing winners, you need to keep promoting and pumping them up.  The same is true in content marketing, if you have content that is rocking, you need to keep pushing that winner and the topics that surround it.  

So what has been rocking the week ending March 11th?  This has…


#SocialSelling is tough, @Rallyverse makes it easy. Content in context that drives buyer engagement http://rlyv.se/vxAH

We’ve added the ability to include extra comments on individual posts and show each item’s tags in our social selling emails.

Friday #ContentMarketing Tip: 5 Things Your Sales Team Is Telling You http://rlyv.se/vxA7 #socialselling

Content marketers take note; your sales team needs you. Given that 90% of the decision makers that they are trying to engage never respond to cold outreach, sales teams must engage

Let’s get atomic when it comes to native ads http://rlyv.se/vvLJ #nativeads #socialmedia

Everyone thinks that all these different communication platforms and social networks are *so* unique and require different native ads / posts / messages for each.

I swore I would not tweet #AppleWatch but these are too good not to http://rlyv.se/v8gH my fav

If you think today is really about anything else other than Apple, think again. (Sorry if today’s your birthday.) The new Game of Thrones trailer! Open source medical records! The sexier, sleeker MacBook Air, which begs the question: Why only 24 percent thinner and not 25? Slackers!And, of course, the main event, the Apple Watch, aka, the new international geek-tagging system! Here are the funniest tweets about the Apple event we found so far.Special kudos to theGuardian Tech’s tweets. Gotta lov

Need the best content discovery engine in any content marketing platform: @Rallyverse http://rlyv.se/v6JG

With search everywhere, you’ll be able to find a lot more content from a lot more places a whole lot faster. Here’s how: In addition to instantly filtering your recommended content by whatever search term you enter or select from Your Keywords or Trending Topics, we’re now searching our entire content index (2,099,620 documents and counting when I sat down to type this up) for relevant items that match your search.
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