Content Marketing is Red Hot and so is Rallyverse.  Rallyverse is a leader delivering a best of breed content marketing platform.  Here are just a few of the stories circling this week around content marketing.

B2B Marketers to Up Spend on Content, Mobile in 2014. Three-quarters plan to raise investments in content marketing; two in five intend to do so for mobile. Content marketing is coming to the forefront this year. According to a December 2013 study by Advertising Age , three-quarters of business-to-business (B2B) marketers planned to up content spending in 2014, and just 1.3% said they would decrease their content budget. Digital is fueling the rise in content marketing, with B2B marketers planning to increase spending in a number of tactics in the category this year. More than 64% of respondents planned to raise email marketing budgets, 63.7% said they would up investments in online video, and 58.2% said the same for social media. Based on results from a July 2013 study by Omobono and the Business Marketing Association , it looks like marketers are putting their money where their successes are. When asked which marketing channels were the most effective, three-quarters of US B2B marketers cited email marketing, seven in 10 said online video, and 58% noted social media. Advertising Age found that mobile was another area B2B marketers were eyeing. Nearly half said mobile advertising would be extremely important to their organizations in 2014, compared with just one-fifth of respondents who said the same for 2013.
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75% of B2B Marketers are increasing spend on Content Marketing Hell Yeah

The post eMarketer Agrees: Content Marketing Is Still Hard via Gabe Bevilacqua first posted on Rallyverse Blog Content Marketing a Struggle from Start to Finish Content marketers are looking to shift efforts to include more curation, research suggests, but every step along the journey is a struggle. Research by content curation software firm Curata found 59% of US marketing professionals would be spending more on content marketing in 2014 than they had […] The post eMarketer Agrees: Content Marketing Is Still Hard appeared first on Rallyverse Blog .
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Even eMarketer Agrees that Content Marketing is too hard. 67% of marketers struggle with execution on Content Marketing from soup to nuts. This cries loudly for a marketing technology solution that helps marketers solve this problem at Scale. Platforms like Rallyverse do …

January 23, 2014, 4:30 AM PST. New problem: Finding something to say to those followers. If that doesnt sound like a problem to you, then maybe youre like me and spend way too much time blurting stuff out . But apparently this a puzzler that stumps lots of brands, because weve seen a crop of companies designed to solve the problem show up in the last couple years. Now NewsCred , one of the first content marketing startups, has raised a $25 million funding round led by InterWest partners. This follows a $15 million round the company announced last March and brings the companys total funding to $45 million since 2008. For the record, I asked CEO Shafqat Islam if some of this money came via secondary sales, and whether founders/early employees/early investors took some money off the table, and he declined to answer. So you can go ahead and assume that this is so. But Islam said a lot of the money will go toward expanding his sales team, both in New York and London. And he also said he thinks hell use some of it to consolidate some of the other players in the content marketing industry.
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Yea – the Content Marketing War Chest is coming to play. The team at NewsCred Raises $25 Million and Peter Kafka raises some interesting questions on this space. I don’t think Peter truly grocks what NewsCred does but understands how to ask some pointed questions. …

In an article yesterday on another financing in content marketing, Re/codes Peter Kafka raised some legitimate questions about what’s going on here, why this a real challenge for []
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With the lastest financing in the Content Marketing space caused some people to question what is this category and how big can it get. Well it is a huge problem and multi-channel and multi-application. This recode on ‘What’s Content Marketing Again?’ does a great job of …


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