Great read on Moz today that demonstrated this great trick using Google Analytics to group like content and track its performance.  This is critical if you want to measure the performance of your content strategy but wow there is a lot of pre-work and during work to make sure that this gets pulled off without a hitch.  I mean give the article a quick read but come back….
Now you can see that not only do you have to have a Content Strategy you need to have Content that fits that strategy and can easily be identified as following those strategic pillars.
“Picking your horse [Content Strategy] is half the battle, the other half is actually doing it – produce and market that content!  Easier said than done but Rallyverse makes this all really really easy.”

Content Creation that is On Strategy

Rallyverse surrounds you with the content that is connected to your brand and its strategy from the broad topics to niche topics.  From up to the minute 3rd party content to your own brand archival content that is trending right now.  This foundation of rich and relevant content gives you the knowledge and inspiration to create quickly topical content that is on point.


Rallyverse built the infrastructure and tools that supports your strategy and marks up your created content with the categories, tags, UTM parameters, conversion tracking and much more so making sure that the content you produce is discoverable, trackable and measured is core to what Rallyverse does.  All with very limited additional input from you.


Rallyverse uses this performance data to report back to you on the performance of your content strategy, tags and categories.  So you know what is working, what is not working and how you  can optimize it.
You should really give Rallyverse a look see for yourself.  Sign up for a demo today.
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