Check out what was on our mind over the last week.  Of course it was dominated by content marketing content marketing, space and the international space station video and of course GIFs making the highlight as the best way to build help files and tours.


Emoji & ASCII Art is everywhere.  Any it just isn’t millennials that are using these crudely drawn pictograms to communicate.  You should do it as well.

If you haven’t seen the spectacular time lapse footage from the international space station #ISS you should take the 3 minutes and watch it.  But not just on a small screen.  Go and chrome cast it to something massive – 60″ and up is better.

Take 3 minutes and play this on a huge screen #space #iss

We all have Content Marketing winners but are you making the most of them.  You need too.  Read this post to get your 1 Easy Tip to Make the most of your #ContentMarketing Winners

Of course animated #GIFs are all the rage but what do you use them for besides reaction memes.  If you are industrious you can make them part of your core product like Rallyverse did.  Using animated gifs to power their help files, tours and tutorials.  I don’t want to watch a video, a 15 sec gif does a much better on demand job.

What has 63 GIFS across 21 Topics and rocks. The new Rallyverse Help & Tours!

#ContentMarketing Tip: Creating your original content is hard, republish it on Linkedin and Medium to get more reach

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