Will Meerkat be a long term play or just a flash in the pan?  We will see how this all plays out but I can tell you that the idea of democratized streaming media is going to be a big thing.  A really big thing.  Whether it is Meerkat or the yet to be launched Periscope we will have to wait and see but the real initial winner is going to be Twitter who will see the benefit of this real time sharing and engaging event.  But keep following me here at Whidbey Ventures to get the latest.


Why is Live Streaming for the People a Winner?

Because it works, it is simple and it is off devices that we all have in our pockets. As well as access to great amounts of bandwidth.  And humans love site, sound and motion mixed in with a little voyeurism / velvet rope.  Intimate access and connection with others is a very powerful human condition and video makes is one more step to truly being there.

Who is doing this?

I have had the app for a couple days and really excited about its potential for breaking news, brand events, corporate intimate webinars, and just fun stuff.  I have watch Mark Suster do his Meerkats with Chamillionaire.

And if you missed Jimmy Fallon preview his monologue today, it was great.

Both of these streams drew over 2000 simultaneous views.  That is great and much larger than the capacity of most movie theaters.

And the Press?

Of course they want to talk about the controversy.



But the winner is going to be you and me and live streaming video.

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