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We think Tout is a big idea but don’t take our word for it, listen to the experts and their rants.  By the way we have been building this since the fall of 2009.

Sarah Kessler @ Mashable – July 2010

Can Robots Run the News

Kenneth Lee @ FT – June 2010

Google eyes Demand Media’s Way with Words

Kara @ All Things D – April 2010

Buzzword Alert to All Geeks: Please Replace “Real-Time” Web With “Right-Time” Web STAT!

David Pakman & Brian Asher @ Venrock – April 2010

The Right Time Web

Fred Wilson @ Union Square Ventures -May 2010

The Power of Passed Links

Doug Frisbie – Social Media Lead Toyota – June 2010

Marketers can’t underestimate their roles as content producers!

Buddy Media – May 2010

Branded Viral Loop Video

Randy Rothenberg: The Content Renaissance

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