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Rallyverse Inc

Rallyverse helps marketers discover, curate and share great content. Rallyverse’s SaaS content marketing platform recommends the most relevant content for marketers to distribute to social media, blogs, email and beyond. Founded in 2010 and based in New York City, Rallyverse has experience helping enterprises like Johnson & Johnson, ADP, TMP Worldwide, Microsoft and Intuit to scale their content marketing.  For more information about Rallyverse’s solutions for marketers, visit Rallyverse.com, rallyverse.com/blog or send an email to sales@rallyverse.com.

Happy St. Patricks Day from Rallyverse! We hope you had a great weekend and are starting your week with some outrageous green gear. In todays Roundup, weve got the neuroscience behind what makes us share content, an on-field selfie from yesterdays North London derby, Sephora going big with its very own visual social platform, and St. Patricks Day pets because, well, you know. Mar 17, 9:26 AM. What determines what content we share? Its all about our emotions: what makes us happy, angry, sad and awed. We share based on our responses to those emotions, and tapping into those emotions will help you to understand which content will work for your business. Mar 17, 7:23 AM. Arsenal defeated Spurs 1-0 yesterday, and some of the Arsenal players celebrated with an on-field selfie. Which makes sense, since said players do look like theyre Millennials. Mar 17, 12:02 AM. While Sephora is certainly big on social media, and especially visual social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, the beauty retailer has set about building its own visual content platform. Mar 17, 10:12 AM. 25 Ridiculously Cute St. Patricks DayPets, because this is why Buzzfeed was invented.
Mar 17, 2:12 PM

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BrightTag Inc

Advertising technology play that is still in stealth mode. More big things about them later. Check them out at www.thebrighttag.com

Enterprise Tag Management Platform. Thousands of brands and agencies choose a Bright(er) approach to managing tags. Collect & connect your customer data in real time through the cloud. Beyond award-winning technology. Optimize media spend, increase site conversion. role or how you define ROI, weve got you covered. “We’ve been impressed with BrightTag’s approach to simplify how third-party tags and pixels are integrated across our global technology platform. The BrightTag solution enables the global marketing and technology team at Orbitz to innovate and rapidly manage changes to our marketing programs. We’ve found the BrightTag team to be highly skilled and exceptional partners. Roger Liew – CTO of Orbitz Worldwide.
Mar 17, 2:16 PM

Real-Time Cloud Based Tag Container System

Legolas Media Inc (now known as Upfront Digital Media)

Audience Futures Marketplace that is putting the control and value of audience buying and selling back into the hands of the advertiser and the Publisher. Check them out at www.legolas-media.com

Were looking for smart people to join our team! Now hiring for Sales, Account Management, and Business Development. Anchored by our pioneering DMP media activation suite, our platform integrates directly with publishers. We combine unprecedented audience data with full media activation across Guaranteed, PMP and RTB channels. The combination of our technology, tools and services provides leading global marketers, publishers and ad networks with the ability to forecast marketplace reach and inventory upfront. We deliver visibility, certainty and performance to every media buy. Anchored by our pioneering DMP media activation suite, our fully-integrated omni-channel platform empowers leading global advertisers, trading desks, networks and publishers with unprecedented audience data to forecast and reserve precisely targeted consumers across Guaranteed, PMP and RTB channels simultaneously across video, mobile and display inventory. Data-First Approach: Manage Your Data, Segment Your Audiences. Deploys your audience data with our 12 data vendors and 15,000 data attributes. Creates custom audience profiles to extend your audience reach across all media types.
Mar 17, 2:04 PM

Legolas Media is now Upfront Digital Media – Think Upfront

NEW YORK June 11, 2013 Capitalizing on its legacy of trust and transparency in delivering reserved audiences to specific digital channels, Legolas Media today announced the formation of Upfront Digital Media (Upfront), a programmatic direct media platform. As part of the formation led by an expanded senior management team of industry ad tech leaders, Upfront unveiled the markets first multi-screen, multi-format solution that encompasses display, rich media, rising star, video and mobile in a programmatic direct solution. The newly formed company provides leading agencies and digital brand marketers with a trusted, transparent way to plan, target, and buy the highest quality inventory, from named publishers, at scale with creative freedom across all channels and platforms. With direct publisher integration from over 60 partners, Upfront allows marketers to forecast and reserve audience and inventory upfront, delivering visibility and certainty prior to each media buy. The formation of Upfront Digital Media underscores our core capabilities in delivering online media sold on a purely guaranteed basis, said Jonathon Shaevitz, CEO, Upfront Digital Media. From day one, we have empowered brand marketers to secure targeted audiences at scale as well as see proof of performance, and the marketplace has affirmed that our trust factor is paramount to agencies and brands.. Originally the first to offer a programmatic direct solution, Upfront is now a pioneer in offering the first programmatic direct platform and multi-screen, multi-format solution that gives agencies and brands the ability to effectively leverage emerging technologies to track audiences across desktops, mobile phones and tablets through multiple formatsincluding display, rich media, rising star, video and mobileand reserve them in a single, transparent manner. Added Shaevitz, Advertisers are struggling with the lack of transparency found in black boxes, smart pipes and varying algorithms that result in nebulous pricing and insights. Our mission is to give advertisers visibility into what works, what doesnt and why in a truly programmatic manner.. Over the course of the past six months, the company and its board of directors have been quietly building out the senior leadership organization including the appointment of Shaevitz along with Vice President of Sales Michael Hegarty.
Mar 17, 2:05 PM

Legolas Media Forms Upfront Digital Media to Unveil Markets First Multi-screen, Multi-format Programmatic Direct Offering

Vertical Acuity Inc

Content Publishing technology start up that will revolutionizing content discovery and syndication. Check them out at www.verticalacuity.com

Vertical Acuity was acquired by Outbrain in December 2012

December 11, 2012 at 8:00 am PT. Youre one of those brands that wants to be in the content business, but you dont want to spend a lot of time making content? There are people who can do that for you. And now you want to make sure people see that content? There are people who can help with that, too. And you only want to go to one place to do all that? Then Outbrain hopes you come to them: The well-funded content-recommendation service has purchased Scribit , a small start-up that fetches pre-made stories, videos, etc.,that publishers need to buff up their Web sites. (If you want to see a bigger version of the same idea, check out NewsCred , which seems to be doing well .). Outbrain is based in New York, but CEO Yaron Galai says hell leave Scribit (formerly Vertical Acuity) in Atlanta. He wont disclose a purchase price and my hunch is it wasnt a big one; more likely something closer to a soft landing for Scribits 10-person team, who are all supposed to stay on board. Still, the deal is an interesting step for Outbrain, which is quietly becoming an important player for Web publishers via its core business, which circulates traffic to different sites using story and video links it publishes at the bottom of Web pages. (AllThingsD is an Outbrain partner, so you can see examples at the bottom of this post.).
Mar 17, 1:59 PM

Vertical Acuity and its syndication service Scribit is now Outbrain Select

Outbrain Select (formerly Scribit) empowers you to select from millions of articles and videos produced by the worlds leading publications and instantly publish them on your site and in your social channels to drive engagement with your brand. Content marketing strategies consist of earned, owned and paid media, but its hard to create a consistent flow of content to keep customers engaged and coming back. Outbrain Select solves this, with millions of articles and videos from the worlds leading publications that you can instantly publish on your site and in your social channels. Armed with great content, its simple to drive engaged visitors to your site with Outbrain Amplify the largest content amplification platform on the web. You can leverage Outbrain Select to add new content, drive higher click-through rates and run more cost-effective content marketing campaigns. A few simple clicks puts your content on the worlds leading media properties, driving audience back to your site. You decide which content to use, where it lives on your site and how the page looks. Keep visitors engaged on your site. Add the fuel needed to keep your social media channels active. Delight your audiences with valuable quality content.
Mar 17, 2:00 PM

Fuel Your Content Marketing

Meteor Solutions Inc

Meteor Solutions’ Social Audience Marketing Suite enables brands to identify and activate their own
influencers and biggest fans in real-time. Check them out at www.meteorsolutions.com

Meteor Solutions was acquired by Covario in November 2012

Email address of friend (insert comma between multiple addresses):. Nov 15, 2012, 1:26pm PST Updated: Nov 15, 2012, 4:23pm PST. Seattle digital media startup Meteor Solutions acquired by Covario. A Seattle digital media and advertising tech company has been acquired by Covario, a San Diego-based search engine optimization company. Meteor Solutions CEO Ben Straley , who was a Puget Sound Business Journal 40 Under 40 in 2010 , and his 10-person company will remain in Seattle’s Pioneer Square. The company’s advertising, consumer engagement and analysis software will be integrated into Covario’s Rio SEO software. Meteor helps its customers, which include Microsoft , AT&T and NBC , determine the best ways to reach out to their social media audiences and track the response they get. While the terms of the acquisition were not released, Meteor said in an interview last year that it had raised $2.5 million. Meteor was formed at the beginning of 2009 from a merger between Reach Machines, a media technology business founded by Straley, and Fyreball, a consumer application company. Emily Parkhurst covers the technology industry for the Puget Sound Business Journal/TechFlash.
Mar 17, 1:44 PM

A great outcome for both Meteor Solutions and Covario.

Welcome to the NEW Rio SEO Social. Rio SEO’s Social Audience Marketing Suite enables brands to identify and activate their own influencers and biggest fans in real-time. Rio SEO’s technology platform is powered by the companys patent-pending. Tag & Trace engine, which tracks content as it is passed-along and identifies the social audience that the shared content reaches. Last Name *. Get Social with Rio SEO:.
Mar 17, 1:47 PM

Meteor Solutions is now Rio SEO Social – Innovative Word of Mouth Analytics Technology