Hostess Wins!  At least in my mind capturing the imagination and attention on #OpeningDay. If you didn’t see it they made a brilliant move on Twitter putting out there an epic fail that resulted in a ton of engagement, awareness and edge for the brand.  

 It all started with an innocent tweet! 

And let the great comments and amplification begin with Sports Illustrated

Smithfield Foods


What do you think?  If you don’t know, AdWeek called it a genius move.



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 If you aren’t using the power of Big Data to help you tackle your Content Marketing Strategy & Plans you are simply not building a path to win.  The good thing is that there is lots of data out there that can help you determine what your content strategy should be as well as data to help you find the right content to share w/ your audience.  

Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight!  Get the Content Marketing tools powered by Big Data to power your brand in real-time. 

The great thing is that tools such as Rallyverse have already tapped into Big Data and applied their patented recommendation technology to work for you and your brand.  You just have to sit back and take in the recommendations.  

Along with powerful recommendations, they provide powerful search so that the best of your content library as well as the best of the web is at your fingertips 24/7.  Now that is the power of the internet at work.  You can check it out the details at the post below. 


 Need More reasons to believe in Rallyverse.  Check out these features.  

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Create WordPress content with Rallyverse

On April 3, 2015, in Uncategorized, by Joe Doran

Rallyverse now supports direct publishing to your WordPress blog.

You can create original WordPress content, build content from Rallyverse-curated links, or even from automated aggregations from within Rallyverse. Whatever your approach to your blog, Rallyverse is now making it a whole lot easier to create more content.

In the Rallyverse editor, you should now see fourth publishing destination which, when clicked, opens up an html editor where you can build your WordPress post.

You get everything you’d expect from a blog editor: a WYSIWYG editor that lets you apply styles and add images to your post, the ability to select categories, tags and authors, and all the scheduling tools that power all your other social accounts.

But, more than the basics, you get the opportunity to power your blog with content recommendations from Rallyverse. Here are some of the ways you can use Rallyverse to create more content for WordPress.

Comment on an article, post or image

See something in Rallyverse that you’d like to share on your blog? An article you’d like to link to or comment on? Click on any item and we’ll give you a formatted link that will fit right into your blog’s styles. Rallyverse also gives you multiple options to display the link (inline or hero) in case you want to share a large image (like an infographic — for example, this).

Build a post from your Rallyverse lists: social selling, top 5, sent posts

Rallyverse allows you to manually or automatically aggregate content into Lists for social selling and email distribution. You can also add any of those lists to a blog post with a click:

Just click “Send to blog” and we’ll open up an editor window for you to craft a post. For example, you can share your Top 5 social posts from the past week, along with your comments on why you think they each worked.

Add WordPress posts to your content calendar

Since you’re creating WordPress content alongside your other social posts and social selling emails, you can see how your blog posts fit into your overall content strategy and where it sits on your content calendar.

How to get started

WordPress is available to all Rallyverse clients. If you host your own instance of WordPress, you’ll need to have Jetpack installed and a account to connect Rallyverse to your blog.

(And, as you might have expected, this post was written in Rallyverse.)
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What were the All Star posts for social media this week?  Well not surprising that Content Marketing was top of the list.  My audience devours content marketing tips, tricks, data and infographics.

Also topping the charts were new kick butt features from Rallyverse.  Like the new Search & Discover capabilities in Rallyverse.

89% say #ContentMarketing works top challenge is content creation & measurement. @Rallyverse can help

Predictive technology making #ContentCreation faster, better, stronger Thanks @Rallyverse for your patented tech

89% say #ContentMarketing works top challenge is content creation & measurement. @Rallyverse can help

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Great #SocialSelling content that you can make even greater by sharing with the world.  Or just make yourself smarter.

Tuesday #SocialSelling Tip: Make it Succeed w/ these 3 Tips


Tuesday #SocialSelling Tip: Add context and tags to your content


Tuesday #SocialSelling tip: Scale Content Marketing thru Sales


Talk about Enterprise Control – @Rallyverse lets you take full control of your content recomendations Check out


YES! Rallyverse delivers the most powerful discovery tools out there for content marketers. And they just got better w/ ‘Search Everywhere’


How to Mix Owned, #Curated and Promotional Content? @Rallyverse has a new #infographic


Social Selling is tough – Rallyverse makes it easy. And now you can add context to your engaging content so the sellers know why this content matters for your audience.


Sellers need context to make #SocialSelling work @Rallyverse makes it easy


Weekend Warriors: 3 Reasons You Should Schedule Content For Weekends


RT @Rallyverse: “The NFL would say their best partner, without a doubt, is PepsiCo.” #superbowl

Guy Plays Table Tennis Every Day for a Year

Why Authenticity Is Key to Mastering Social Media Marketing


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Rallyverse February Newsletter

On March 25, 2015, in Marketing, Rallyverse, by Joe Doran

Did you miss the Rallyverse February Newsletter – Don’t Dispair.  It is right here.   

Rallybot couldn’t get enough of this newsletter
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Great read on Moz today that demonstrated this great trick using Google Analytics to group like content and track its performance.  This is critical if you want to measure the performance of your content strategy but wow there is a lot of pre-work and during work to make sure that this gets pulled off without a hitch.  I mean give the article a quick read but come back….
Now you can see that not only do you have to have a Content Strategy you need to have Content that fits that strategy and can easily be identified as following those strategic pillars.
“Picking your horse [Content Strategy] is half the battle, the other half is actually doing it – produce and market that content!  Easier said than done but Rallyverse makes this all really really easy.”

Content Creation that is On Strategy

Rallyverse surrounds you with the content that is connected to your brand and its strategy from the broad topics to niche topics.  From up to the minute 3rd party content to your own brand archival content that is trending right now.  This foundation of rich and relevant content gives you the knowledge and inspiration to create quickly topical content that is on point.


Rallyverse built the infrastructure and tools that supports your strategy and marks up your created content with the categories, tags, UTM parameters, conversion tracking and much more so making sure that the content you produce is discoverable, trackable and measured is core to what Rallyverse does.  All with very limited additional input from you.


Rallyverse uses this performance data to report back to you on the performance of your content strategy, tags and categories.  So you know what is working, what is not working and how you  can optimize it.
You should really give Rallyverse a look see for yourself.  Sign up for a demo today.
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 Topping the charts was my post about Pi Day – 3/14/15 – what’s not to love about PI Day!

And barely squeaking in is a post about the Death of ie.  Of course we love the schadenfraude.

Yep – It is #piday and I am awake checking out and you should too

We all need help scaling #contentmarketing. #SocialSelling helps you amplify 100X. How? Check this #slideshare

#tbt Still true – don’t believe the #ContentShock hype #contentmarketing

We all need help scaling #contentmarketing. #SocialSelling helps you amplify 100X. How? Check this #slideshare

As MSFT prepares for the death march for IE, my suggestion is just call the new browser Spartan.

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I wish the team at Rallyverse had started timelapse video of our #pingpong prowess last year when we got the table.
This guy makes a fantastic transitioin as a player that you should take the 5 minutes and watch.  
Now the team at Rallyverse just needs to start Meerkating their daily pingpong sessions and we will be all good.  
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 The good people of econsultancy put out this list of the Top 9 social campaigns from February 2015.   It is quite good.  
 My favorite in the list was Obama & Buzzfeed
But this is the same team that produces mostly click baity eye candy. 
But my beef w/ the list is that they totally forgot about all the great Super Bowl social media work.  But the smart people at AdWeek captured it all here
My favorite – and I have a bias towards Cheerios – was…

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More great gear from Rallyverse.  Now you can find and target your Audinece on LinkedIn.  
Normally I would tell brands for organic posts on LinkedIn that you should just stick with sending the message to all your followers.  The algorithms and filters that people use will allow the message to get to the right person but there are times when your messaging volume and diversity of the message means you want to target.  For example you may have an offer for a specific geography, or a educational white paper for certian function or seniority.  Well, Rallyverse can help you out and make it easy to deliver right from your current workflow.   



Check out all the details on the Rallyverse blog.  



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Will Meerkat be a long term play or just a flash in the pan?  We will see how this all plays out but I can tell you that the idea of democratized streaming media is going to be a big thing.  A really big thing.  Whether it is Meerkat or the yet to be launched Periscope we will have to wait and see but the real initial winner is going to be Twitter who will see the benefit of this real time sharing and engaging event.  But keep following me here at Whidbey Ventures to get the latest.


Why is Live Streaming for the People a Winner?

Because it works, it is simple and it is off devices that we all have in our pockets. As well as access to great amounts of bandwidth.  And humans love site, sound and motion mixed in with a little voyeurism / velvet rope.  Intimate access and connection with others is a very powerful human condition and video makes is one more step to truly being there.

Who is doing this?

I have had the app for a couple days and really excited about its potential for breaking news, brand events, corporate intimate webinars, and just fun stuff.  I have watch Mark Suster do his Meerkats with Chamillionaire.

And if you missed Jimmy Fallon preview his monologue today, it was great.

Both of these streams drew over 2000 simultaneous views.  That is great and much larger than the capacity of most movie theaters.

And the Press?

Of course they want to talk about the controversy.

But the winner is going to be you and me and live streaming video.

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Three Things You Should Absolutely Be Doing In Your Social Media Marketing.  If you aren’t doing these three things, you should rethink your social marketing.  And extra credit, Rallyverse helps you do this and much much more.



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Being aware of the context of your content is very important.  I am sure the Social Media team had all the right intentions but failed to grasp the broader context.  

I mean – what do you think? Brand Appropriate 

 Bud Light’s St. Patrick’s Day tweet has users seeing red instead of green  

And this is my favorite response tweet. 

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When we came up with the idea for Rallyverse – a leading platform in Content Marketing – we knew that a transformation was happening in Marketing. That the Content we as brands and businesses create – blog posts, tweets, status updates, Linkedin Posts – are the new Ads. The Content is the Ad. We felt deeply that this fundamental shift would cause a massive transformation to the marketing ecosystem and the marketing organization. 

And it has. Marketers need to create more content today than ever before. This has resulted in new organizational designs, new team members and roles such as the social media manager, community manager, the brand editor to name just a few. But doing this content creation is really really hard. And just putting more marketers and editors at the problem doesn’t help the brand scale to its content creation needs. In fact it is so hard we wrote a slideshare and a blog post about it where we give you “5 Reasons Why Social is So Hard“.

One of the big 5 reasons is making sure you are consistent in your voice, brand and message to your audience. This helps your audience know what they are going to be getting from you. Just like your brand, product or service, your audiences will want consistency and quality from your content creation. To deliver that consistency and quality in a seamless way, Curation can really help you. It can help with bringing together the best ideas and thoughts and content on a topics from around the web or around your world. It helps provide the context for your real time content creation. So check out our slideshare and delve into the details of Content Curation.


Of course doing curation is hard and it is tedious. Luckily for you Rallyverse can help. We have the industry leading patented relevancy and curation platform that is fully customized for you. You set the rules for your brand and business and Rallyverse does the rest. Discovering and curating the best content that is mapped to real time interest signals and personalized for your brand. Want to learn more about how we do it, sign up for a demo.


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