Come on and seriously treat yourself to some of the best space images and videos on the planet.  You can find it all here as part of the Hubble 25th Anniversary website.

And if you aren’t finding what you love there, I mean there are endless treats out there….

Like this on flickr

2012: Planetary Nebula NGC 5189

2013: Horsehead Nebula

2010: Pillar and Jets in Carina

Or just head over to Youtube and check out

And if that isn’t enough, just go to Twitter

You have to love space and the Hubble after seeing all this!

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I am not sure that HBO is making the right move here with ordering a Brooklyn Bar to stop  showing ‘Game of Thrones’

 HBO wants more and more people hooked on the show so they can continue to drive up demand for on demand viewing and more subscriptions.  I know that the bra shouldn’t be charging people to watch a show – that would be wrong.  But if the bar has a legal subscription to HBO and is broadcasting it live how it this any different than a sports bar showing a bowl game or the NCAA tournament.  I really really don’t get it.

HBO should have done something different.

Like send a cast member to the bar and make it a viral PR stunt.

Or Sell them a ‘public display’ subscription.

Anything other than send a cease and desist – just makes them no different than the cable companies.  IMHO

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What is not to love about #StarWarsEmojis

On April 17, 2015, in Social Media, by Joe Doran

 Come on – everyone has got to love #StarWarsEmojis right. 

 I used them yesterday.  

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