Check out what was on our mind over the last week.  Of course it was dominated by content marketing content marketing, space and the international space station video and of course GIFs making the highlight as the best way to build help files and tours.


Emoji & ASCII Art is everywhere.  Any it just isn’t millennials that are using these crudely drawn pictograms to communicate.  You should do it as well.

If you haven’t seen the spectacular time lapse footage from the international space station #ISS you should take the 3 minutes and watch it.  But not just on a small screen.  Go and chrome cast it to something massive – 60″ and up is better.

Take 3 minutes and play this on a huge screen #space #iss

We all have Content Marketing winners but are you making the most of them.  You need too.  Read this post to get your 1 Easy Tip to Make the most of your #ContentMarketing Winners

Of course animated #GIFs are all the rage but what do you use them for besides reaction memes.  If you are industrious you can make them part of your core product like Rallyverse did.  Using animated gifs to power their help files, tours and tutorials.  I don’t want to watch a video, a 15 sec gif does a much better on demand job.

What has 63 GIFS across 21 Topics and rocks. The new Rallyverse Help & Tours!

#ContentMarketing Tip: Creating your original content is hard, republish it on Linkedin and Medium to get more reach

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Rallyverse brings content marketing automation proof points again. And it is all about the data.  

Rallyverse knows you want to stay on strategy but you don’t have the time nor the inclination to tag or sort all your content into your content topic and types that follow your content strategy.  Well the smart little servers at Rallyverse do that all automagically for you.  

This means less work for you, better more relevant content for you and your audience and tracking and reporting that will prove out your ROI.  

Check the full story here on Rallyverse.  

New in Rallyverse: all your tags are belong to us


What makes your Content Marketing work harder?  Emoji and Ascii Art help your content stand out from the masses.  Don’t believe me, check out my top engaging posts across all social publishing destinations.   See anything that is in common.  They all have asci art of emoji in them.

Breaking through in content marketing is tough enough.  If you want to make your content marketing work harder for you give it a push or a little help.  Be creative and use elements like asci Art and emojis.  You are already doing the heavy lifting around SEO to make sure you have the right keyword density against the right topics for your content marketing. Put in some stuff that your human audience wants – emojis 👍 and ascii art.

Your audience is human and you should be too.  And Humans use Emojis…


【ツ】 Need to discover trending content for your brand? #contentmarketing with @Rallyverse


【ツ】 Don’t have time for a demo of #Rallyverse … We got it all in animated #gifs


【ツ】 Need to discover trending content for your brand? #contentmarketing with @Rallyverse


Big Data and Content Marketing the new Peanut Butter & Chocolate


【ツ】 Treat yourself – life advice from kid’s characters


We write a lot about emojis, they are everywhere in our society and in our marketing.  Brush up on them here.

If you want to brush up on your asci art skills, check out this little post.

And remember that Rallyverse has native support for emoji and asci art in our content marketing platform.

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Let them guess what you like

On May 11, 2015, in Rallyverse, Social Media, by Joe Doran

Let Rallyverse guess what you like.  All it takes is your twitter handle – you don’t have to connect if you don’t want to – and you can see all the magic happen.

Rallyverse: We know the Stuff You Like!

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 It is true.  Content Marketing Works but if you ask for the details on where the difficulties and challenges lie in doing content marketing well – you get very clear answers.  Well I am happy to say that we hear about these challenges all the time at Rallyverse and we can help make the life of a content marketer much much better.

But first – Content Marketing Works

 But when it comes to the challenges that Content Marketers face, it all starts with content creation.  And it is about the details here – what does my audience care about right now, what content will they engage with, how do I create content at scale and still have timely and fresh content.  And measure the results.

 Well this is exactly what the smart people over at Rallyverse do.  Rallyverse has the most advanced patented content marketing platform out there but they make it easy to use.  You should check out how Rallyverse makes the sausage.  Or better yet just check out all the capabilities in the core platform.

Rallyverse also makes it very easy for you to track your content strategy using tags.  You have a content strategy but are you executing against it and is it working for you.  Rallyverse delivers the answer in a way you can consume in its advanced reports but also in your google analytics.  Read all about tags on Rallyverse blog. 

The advanced insights are powerful tools to help you manage and track ROI.  Read about the advanced insights capability.

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I think so.  And so will you after you take this little test. Take 30 seconds and see how Rallyverse reads your mind and tells you what topics you care about.  Better than The Amazing Kreskin in my humble opinion.  Just click on the image below and try it out.  


In actuality what the software is doing is looking at what you post and read on Twitter and determining what is interesting to you.  We will then give you recommendations on topics and content that may be of interest to you.

This is what Rallyverse thinks I like.  Pretty spot on given all the “May the 4th” content I have been consuming and posting.

Be sure to give us feedback on how we did!  There is a little feedback form right on the web page.  

This is just a taste of the patented technology powering Rallyverse.  Our enterprise customers use this leading content marketing technology everyday to stay relevant and fresh in the eyes of their audience.  Creating engaging and topical content for audiences that are notoriously hard to reach and engage.  I don’t think anyone out there has a more powerful content curation or content marketing tool that can help you power your content creation or social media marketing plans.  

So after you try our best shot at beating the ‘Amazing Kreskin’ you should come and check out Rallyverse or just signup for a demo.  

I am not sure that HBO is making the right move here with ordering a Brooklyn Bar to stop  showing ‘Game of Thrones’

 HBO wants more and more people hooked on the show so they can continue to drive up demand for on demand viewing and more subscriptions.  I know that the bra shouldn’t be charging people to watch a show – that would be wrong.  But if the bar has a legal subscription to HBO and is broadcasting it live how it this any different than a sports bar showing a bowl game or the NCAA tournament.  I really really don’t get it.

HBO should have done something different.

Like send a cast member to the bar and make it a viral PR stunt.

Or Sell them a ‘public display’ subscription.

Anything other than send a cease and desist – just makes them no different than the cable companies.  IMHO

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What is not to love about #StarWarsEmojis

On April 17, 2015, in Social Media, by Joe Doran

 Come on – everyone has got to love #StarWarsEmojis right. 

 I used them yesterday.  

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I have to say that I love the new quote tweet from Twitter.  The ability to add comments and thoughts is pretty cool and they play out well too.  I mean have you seen them.    

 Have you seen them in action or played with them.  Well I have, here are a few of my favorite.  





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 Hostess Wins!  At least in my mind capturing the imagination and attention on #OpeningDay. If you didn’t see it they made a brilliant move on Twitter putting out there an epic fail that resulted in a ton of engagement, awareness and edge for the brand.  

 It all started with an innocent tweet! 

And let the great comments and amplification begin with Sports Illustrated

Smithfield Foods


What do you think?  If you don’t know, AdWeek called it a genius move.



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 If you aren’t using the power of Big Data to help you tackle your Content Marketing Strategy & Plans you are simply not building a path to win.  The good thing is that there is lots of data out there that can help you determine what your content strategy should be as well as data to help you find the right content to share w/ your audience.  

Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight!  Get the Content Marketing tools powered by Big Data to power your brand in real-time. 

The great thing is that tools such as Rallyverse have already tapped into Big Data and applied their patented recommendation technology to work for you and your brand.  You just have to sit back and take in the recommendations.  

Along with powerful recommendations, they provide powerful search so that the best of your content library as well as the best of the web is at your fingertips 24/7.  Now that is the power of the internet at work.  You can check it out the details at the post below. 


 Need More reasons to believe in Rallyverse.  Check out these features.  

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Great #SocialSelling content that you can make even greater by sharing with the world.  Or just make yourself smarter.

Tuesday #SocialSelling Tip: Make it Succeed w/ these 3 Tips


Tuesday #SocialSelling Tip: Add context and tags to your content


Tuesday #SocialSelling tip: Scale Content Marketing thru Sales


Talk about Enterprise Control – @Rallyverse lets you take full control of your content recomendations Check out


YES! Rallyverse delivers the most powerful discovery tools out there for content marketers. And they just got better w/ ‘Search Everywhere’


How to Mix Owned, #Curated and Promotional Content? @Rallyverse has a new #infographic


Social Selling is tough – Rallyverse makes it easy. And now you can add context to your engaging content so the sellers know why this content matters for your audience.


Sellers need context to make #SocialSelling work @Rallyverse makes it easy


Weekend Warriors: 3 Reasons You Should Schedule Content For Weekends


RT @Rallyverse: “The NFL would say their best partner, without a doubt, is PepsiCo.” #superbowl

Guy Plays Table Tennis Every Day for a Year

Why Authenticity Is Key to Mastering Social Media Marketing


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 The good people of econsultancy put out this list of the Top 9 social campaigns from February 2015.   It is quite good.  
 My favorite in the list was Obama & Buzzfeed
But this is the same team that produces mostly click baity eye candy. 
But my beef w/ the list is that they totally forgot about all the great Super Bowl social media work.  But the smart people at AdWeek captured it all here
My favorite – and I have a bias towards Cheerios – was…

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More great gear from Rallyverse.  Now you can find and target your Audinece on LinkedIn.  
Normally I would tell brands for organic posts on LinkedIn that you should just stick with sending the message to all your followers.  The algorithms and filters that people use will allow the message to get to the right person but there are times when your messaging volume and diversity of the message means you want to target.  For example you may have an offer for a specific geography, or a educational white paper for certian function or seniority.  Well, Rallyverse can help you out and make it easy to deliver right from your current workflow.   



Check out all the details on the Rallyverse blog.  



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