We are seed investors in the digital media space.  Our investments strategy & focus restricts us to limited opportunities across the ecosystem.  We are not a spray and pray angel.  To get investment from us means something that is more precious than just money in.

What we look for in early stage companies & teams

Our fund only invests in seed stage companies tackling the interactive advertising industry’s most pressing problems. The company looks for entrepreneurs & teams with track records of success, differentiated technology solutions that are high impact, and a market positioning that is ripe for immediate & rapid adoption. Teams that see the pain customers are feeling and are passionate about delivering breakthrough value for their clients are our type of people. They are not afraid of breaking the norms of the industry but know doing so unlocks value for all.

Simply put we bet on people with big ideas and a technology prototype.

What you get from Whidbey Venture Group

If we invest, you will get much more than dumb money.  If you want dumb money, do not call us.  We act as entreprenuers not investors in our companies.  We will roll up our sleeves as well as open the checkbook and network.  We are serial entrepreneurs that have built early stage companies.

  • We have the network of service providers that you need.
  • We made the mistakes first and second time founders have made and learned from them.
  • We bring customers, partners, advisers, board members, follow on investors to our companies.

We do all of this because we have a vested interest in the entreprenuers success not just our multiple or cash on cash return. Although that is nice but changing the world is better.